10 Awesome Gifts for Travelers

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If you’re wondering which fabulous gifts for travelers will suit the jetsetter(s) in your life, this travel gift list has you covered.
Portable Espresso Maker
There is absolutely no need to have a bad cup of coffee with you can bring along a portable espresso maker that can accommodate your favorite grind or beloved original line Nespresso pods. You can even keep the pods organized with this Nespresso pod travel case).

The Nanopresso Minipresso is easy-to-clean and makes your cup, complete with fresh crema, within two minutes. It’s a perfect solution for camping and people who need a cup of coffee they like in a hotel room.
Buy Pressopump on Amazon White + Warren Cashmere Wrap
A cashmere wrap is a must-have travel accessory because of its versatility. It can keep you warm on the plane, stylish at dinner and comfortable while curling up with a good book.

The White + Warren Cashmere Wrap is a gold-standard for quality which is why this is an investment piece. I love it for the plane and wear it quite a bit when not traveling as well. Not convinced? See how to wear it six ways.
Buy on Amazon Editor’s Zip Around Tech Case Turn on your JavaScript to view content
If you haven’t taken a peek at Mark and Graham’s travel line, now is the time. You will be able to source unique, useful and cool gifts for most people on your gift-giving list. Virtually anything can be monogrammed, too.

I was a late adopter to tech organizers (because why not just throw it all in the bag) and went through several iterations before landing on these. I am more likely to use a tech organizer, prolonging the lifespan of my cords, if it’s a nice one.

There’s this Editor’s Zip Around Tech Case which is good for people like me who need to be able to find a pen for customs forms and then some. Also, take a look at the Leather Tech Envelope and the Commuter Clutch (I’m tempted to get this one also).
eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit
This toiletry kit is only a few inches thick and has been a game-changer for me. You can toss it into any sized suitcase and it takes up the same space as the average sweater (maybe less).

It isn’t bulky as the boxier toiletry kits are and you can pack a lot into it (and hang it easily in a hotel bathroom). I opted for black but it comes also in a variety of more fun colors.
Buy on Amazon Scratch-Off Map
You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good scratch-off map. Use it as motivation to see where you’d like to go to next.

Scratch-off maps come in a variety of colors and sizes to match existing room decor. This is an example of a popular version but there are many.
Buy on Amazon Jo Malone Travel Candles Turn on your JavaScript to view content
When it comes to scents, we turn to Jo Malone. Even my daughter travels with Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Travel Spray.

I am partial to Lime Basil and Mandarin which comes in travel candle form. Of course, one must be careful when lighting candles but they do help provide a relaxed ambience in unfamiliar spaces.
Buy at Nordstrom Moment Smartphone Lenses
Smartphones are getting better and better. Rather than invest in a DSLR, you shoot outstanding photos on mobile with the help of lenses.

The best are Moment lenses. If you were to start with one, because they are an investment, my vote would be for the wide lens.

I shot this on an iPhone 6 using a wide lens in Seoul, to give you an idea of what they’re capable of.

They’ve improved massively since then and even my video editor has suggested that I start shooting video with them on my iPhone XS.
Buy on Amazon Prynt Smartphone Printer
Turn your smartphone into an instant camera with Prynt. It is an easy-to-remove case that prints without ink onto zero-ink sticker paper. The sticker paper has an adhesive backing that you can choose to peel off should you like to turn your photo into a sticker.
Buy on Amazon Carry On Cocktail Kit
Are you tired of poorly mixed cocktails while on the go? These cool Carry On Cocktail Kits come in Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned flavors.

The kit comes in a tin with mixers, recipe cards, and stirrers. Just add booze. Kits are TSA and FDA approved and make two cocktails.
Buy on Amazon DJI Spark Mini Drone
Man, this drone is cool. It’s little, which means it can slip into most handbags. And, the DJI Spark is REALLY easy to use which is why it’s good for families and everyday life as well as travel.

I think it’s worth springing for the Fly More package so that you have the controller and extra accessories.

If you’re a little more serious about drone photography, I have a Mavic Pro Platinum that I love.
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Are you a traveler? What’s on your gift list?
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