10 Best Card Holders

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As much as we love our bottomlesstravel wallets that can carry every gift card we've ever gotten along with 18 old Target receipts, sometimes slimmer is better. Whether you're in the mood to travel light or simply need something that fits inside your new very impractical micro bag, there are times that big and bulky just won't cut it. Enter the card case. Sleek enough to slide into your tiny purse but substantial enough to safely house your ID, debit card, and metro pass (and let's be real, maybe your Starbucks Gold Card), the tiny organizer can be a lifesaver when you need to lighten your load. And contrary to popular belief, there are actually tons of chic options out there for womencard cases are no longer strictly reserved as an accessory for boys to slip in their back pockets. Ahead, we've rounded up the cutest card cases on the market from luxe designer finds to personalizable options. Whether you desperately need to downsize or are hoping to grab a few as gifts, there's one to suit every style and budget below. Opening image: @DagneDover

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