16 Camping Hacks That Make Camping Effortless

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Camping is one of our favorite things to do during the summer and fall! After buying our first camper and remodeling it, we quickly learned that camping is a lot of work! There is a ton of stuff that you need to buy to go camping if you’re camping in an RV or Travel Trailer and sometimes you have to be creative and use hacks to make camping a little easier! When we were camping newbies I relied heavily on others that have shared some awesome creative camping hacks, so I thought I would share some of my favorite camping hacks from around the web with you! These camping hacks have made camping so much easier for us! Especially camping with a toddler! Check them out below! 

Camping Hacks for an RV & Travel Trailer

Keep Things From Sliding

Keep your things from sliding around in your cabinets by using half size storage containers! 

Use Command Hooks for Extra Storage

Store your foil, plastic wrap, and storage bags on your cabinet doors with command hooks! This is a great way to add extra storage space to your RV!

Tip & Image Credit: Man Like Marvin Sparks

Keep Shoes Organized with a DIY PVC Shoe Organizer

Create your own shoe organizer with PVC! 

Tip & Image Credit: Ditching Suburbia

Store Utensils on a Towel Bar

No drawers space for your kitchen utensils? Store them on a towel bar and hang them with S-hooks!

Tip & Image Credit: Measuring Flower

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Tent Camping Hacks

Keep Toilet Paper Dry in a Coffee Can

Keep your toilet paper from getting soggy by storing it in an empty coffee can! 

Tip & Image Credit: Life Hacker

DIY Hand Washing Station

No sink nearby? Create your own handwashing stations with a camping water container, soap, and paper towels! 

Tip & Image Credit: Do it & How

Soften Your Tent Floor with Foam Floor Tiles

Make your tent floor comfortable by adding foam floor tiles! This is a simple and cheap way to add extra cushion under your air mattress! 

Tip & Image Credit: A Little Campy

Use a Yoga Mat to Sleep On

No air mattress? Use a thick yoga mat to sleep on instead! 

Tip & Image Credit: The 3 Day

Camping Hacks For All Campers

DIY Roasting Stick Storage Box 

Keep everyone safe and keep your roasting sticks organized by storing them in a pencil box! This is a simple and easy way to stay organized while camping! 

Tip & Image Credit: Let’s Camp S’more

DIY Match Holder 

Keep your matched organized and dry by storing them in a small mason jar! 

Tip & Image Credit: The Burlap Bag

DIY Tiki Torch

Make your own tiki torch to light up your campsite and keep the bugs away! 

Tip & Image Credit: The Frugal Homemaker

Keep Toiletries in One Place with a Shower Caddy

Keep your toiletries all in one place and easy to carry to the shower house with a Showerline Shower Caddy! 

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Keep Dirty Shoes off Clothes and Floors with a Shower Cap

Keep your camper and tent floors clean by storing your shoes in a shower cap after taking them off. 

Tip & Image Credit: The Brighter Writer 

Keep Knives Safe with Pool Noodles

Pack knives safely by storing them in pool noodles! 

Tip & Image Credit: Kid Friendly Things To Do

Make Your Own Lantern

Make your own lantern with a headlamp and a jug of water! 



Goals for August : None

I have worked hard this year and have done most all I could to accomplish my goals each month.   Last month I slowed down a little but accomplished nearly everything on my goal list for July that I could and even some of those I hadn't gotten around to in June.   For August, I'm not making any goals.

For one thing, it's hot.  It's far too hot to even pretend I'm going to be outdoors working, much as I'd love to move on with the landscape work.   I may buy materials if I find I have the funds but I won't be actually working on it otherwise.   The plants I've managed to purchase are struggling, except the herbs.  The herbs LOVE the heat and often dry conditions.  The petunias have more or less curled up and died, as have one pot of dianthus that I'd bought.

For another thing, I'm tired.  I'm tired of thinking, "Oh golly, there's stuff on my list  I need to accomplish, best get up again and get busy."  I like to be accountable to myself, and to you all if I've taken time to post goals, but there are other reasons for being extra tired just now.   I can only spread myself  so far  to accomplish all the things I think I want to do and all the things I need to do and then a few extras that  are required needs of others.  No one is demanding I do these extra things, but they are necessary at this time.  I'm not complaining.  I am happy to do what I can but let's face it, there's only so much time in any week.

And then there are the finances.  I need to take a long hard look at our financial state and see where we might trim back our own needs at this point so that we can do what is necessary.  There are needs that must be attended to at this time.  Not something we've been asked to do but again, necessary and so some of the things I want to do will be postponed.  Not a big deal, really and as with most work, there's always something that can be done with what is at hand if I'll just stop and think creatively or wait patiently for God's provision.

So,  no big goals for this month.

I'm not planning a vacation either, though.

I will be doing what I'd normally do: routine house chores, tackling any  jobs I see which require attention,  doing all the jobs that are related to living frugally and  those required in day to day living.  And that seems to me to be enough for what is typically a month in which  the weather is normally taxing on strength anyway.

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