A lot of interesting crafting projects rely on items that a lot of us already have

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They propose new ways of using certain items and they inspire us to think outside the box. You can typically find a few different ways to repurpose something if you put your mind to it. The ideas may not always come rushing in so it’s helpful to check out some projects, see what others came up with. Have a look at the projects featured below and see how many new ideas you can come up with after that.

Let’s start with something that most of us don’t even think of saving, the humble toilet paper roll. We’re throwing these things out without giving it a second thought but you might want to consider saving a few if you’re planning to do some crafting. One idea is to use a toilet paper roll to make a cute little pencil holder. A nice design idea is featured on diys where the pencil holder is decorated with sparkly foam paper, yellow paper and pink ribbon.

We all have old cups and dishes that we think look outdated, don’t fit the current aesthetic anymore or that are actually damaged but still usable somehow. One thing you can try is to turn an old teacup into a stylish little planter for a succulent, a cactus or some herbs. You could just go ahead and fill the cup with soil and then add the plant but if you also want to change its look a little bit, take some spray paint and have fun with it.  Your teacup planter will quickly become one of your favorite decorations.

Wire coat hangers are not typically very practical or sturdy but they can be repurposed. You could for example use them to hang, organize and display kid’s books up on a wall. All it takes is some colorful washi tape to wrap around the hangers and make them look nice and pretty. Technically this is not even necessary but it does help to make this look more intentional and like an actual storage system rather than just something you came up with on the spot. Check out handmadecharlotte for inspiration with the design.

How about a basket full of beautiful flowers to display out on the porch? You won’t find something like this in the store but you can make it yourself. This is a lovely way to repurpose a basket. Take a stencil and some paint if you want to replicate the design featured on sadieseasongoods. Then fill it with a bunch of faux flowers to create a colorful and beautiful arrangement. You can change these flowers as the seasons come and go.

You may be familiar with embroidery hoops and a few of the ways in which you can use them. However, the idea featured on ourcraftymom is quite unusual. Here the hoops were used to make a hanging planter. Not only that, but they were painted to have this galvanized metal look and that suits the design really well. The technique is quite simple: you paint the hoops black and then add a layer of silver but make sure to leave some of the black visible.

Ever thought of repurposing a picture frame and use it for something other than to display photos? There’s actually a lot you can do with a repurposed frame, like a simple but practical jewelry organizer for example. This one is great for earrings because it has several layers of wire that you can hang them from. You can paint the frame in any color you prefer or even give it a distressed look if you prefer a retro aesthetic. Check out kevinandamanda for more details.

Clothespins, especially those classic ones made out of wood, can be repurposed in tons of cool ways. You can use them to transform and decorate all sorts of items or to make something new from scratch. This right here is a rustic clothespin storage bucket made from a plastic pot and with a chic lace trim and interior. It’s really easy to make and you can personalize it however you want to.

This adorable kitty rope pencil holder started out as a glass. If you want to make one just like it you only need a tapered glass, some decorative rope and a hot glue gun. Start by making a rope spiral to cover the bottom of the glass, then work your way up the sides and glue the rope to the glass as you go. You can also use a similar technique if you want to repurpose a vase or a planter or to decorate them.

Online recipes are a lifesaver these days but having to constantly check your phone as you’re cooking is not exactly practical. If you have a tablet, you could take it with you in the kitchen and if you take the time to make a stand for it the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable. Check out this quick tutorial explaining how you can make a cutting board tablet holder is just a few minutes.

Plastic bottles can be repurposed in more ways than one and not just as containers for liquids. This plastic bottle zipper case is one of the most interesting examples. You can easily make something like this out of two small plastic bottles. You’ll need the bottom sections off each one, a zipper that goes all the way around the bottle and a hot glue gun. You can use it to organize pencils, hair ties and various small items.

Glass bottles are really cool too and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Pick three that you like and repurpose them into a beautiful bottle centerpiece. You’ll need a little bit of wood for this, some twine or rope and a hot glue gun. Wrap rope around the bottom sections of the bottles to give them a chic look. Once the centerpiece is done, you can fill the bottles with seasonal flowers or faux greenery.

Technically, these hangers are still used for the storage and organization of clothes but not as one might expect it. They were repurposed in a very clever way and the result is a coat rack made from wooden hangers. It’s a great accessory for the entryway and a cool way to personalize this space without adding unnecessary elements to it. You can make it bigger or small by adjusting the size of the wooden board and the number of hangers used in the project.

The fact that some plates can be used as wall decorations is not exactly news but you might not realize is that you can put any plate on display. This gives you lots of freedom to express your creativity and means you’re not limited to using only the expensive decorative plates found in stores. Take any plate you like, clean it and attach a small hanger to the back. Rough up the surface a bit so the glue adheres better. Hang the walls plates in any pattern or design you like.

Isn’t this side table gorgeous? It’s almost hard to believe this started out as a couple of simple coffee crates. A little bit of love and attention to details and they were transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture and a lovely accessory for cozy reading nooks, bedrooms, living areas or even porches. It has casters on the bottom for added mobility and a rustic-industrial design that really works for it. If you want to find out how you could make something like this for yourself, check out funkyjunkinteriors.

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