Dewalt Step Stool Tool Box Could be a Useful 2-in-1

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Here’s a new tool release we seem to have missed. But, thanks to an Instagram ad, we have learned that Dewalt has come out with a step stool and tool box 2-in-1 combo product.

The Dewalt DWST25090 is half step stool, half tool box.

We don’t have any images of the step stool folded, but it looks to separate into two  parts in order to do so.

There are two main parts here, the tool tote with fold-down handle, the top lid with handle and latches, and the aluminum legs of the step stool.

The lid is attached to the step stool, to give you a sturdy surface to stand on.

Or to the tool box, to give you covered portability. I assumed that this also allows you to carry the tool box in one hand and the step stool legs in the other. (More on this in the discussion.)

And here’s the first image once more, showing how the lid is attached to the step stool legs and then the tool box on top of all that, for those times you want your tools and supplies elevated off the floor.

If you’re working at standing height, it can be uncomfortable having to bend down to access a tool box resting on the floor. Having an elevated tool box seems like a convenient option if you’re not actively using the step stool for taller reach.

Dewalt Step Stool Tool Box Features & Specs

300 lbs weight capacity
66 lbs tool box capacity
18″ platform height
25″ length, 11″ width
Sturdy aluminum legs
Non-marring feet
Dual use latches
Ergonomic carry handle
13.2 lbs “assembled weight”

Price: $75

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I don’t recall seeing anything quite like this, but it seems like a good idea for some users.

What’s the benefit here, compared to having a separate step stool and portable tool box or open tote? Well, they all latch together.

It doesn’t seem that you have any portability benefits. Although there are no images of how everything goes together, I would guess that you carry the tool box in one hand and folded step stool legs in the other. And yes, that’s not much different than if you have a standalone step stool and tool box.

So why buy this 2-in-1?

Looking for alternative options, there are lots of small homeowner-type step stools, and larger work platforms as linked-to above. This seems like an intermediately sized option.

BUT WAIT. There’s got to be more to this product than I’m seeing, right? So I started looking into things further and found that this Dewalt step stool tool box also exists as a Stanley FatMax product, FMST81083.

OH! After seeing that the step stool folds into the top “lid” or standing platform, everything comes together.

So, you have a tool tote, and a lid which contains the legs to the step stool. Fill the tool tote with stuff, and the lid’s step stool components won’t intrude into the tool box compartment.

This then means you can carry a tool tote full of tools or supplies AND a step stool, in one hand, with the lid on the tote.

I’m embarrassed to think I assumed this was a 3-part system with tool box, lid, and legs all separate and the lid switching between the two if needed or for transport. Finding the Stanley FatMax image cleared everything up.

It seemed like a convenience to have a medium-sized step stool and latching tool box combo that brings your supplies to a raised height and securely latch together. Not that tool boxes readily slide or topple off work platforms, but they can, especially those with heavy lids and narrow bases.

Having a step stool fold INTO a tool box lid, and with space left over for tools and supplies… that makes a lot more sense and has the potential to benefit a lot more users.

It’s amazing how one product image can push my impression from “that’s a cool product for some users” to “that’s a great product for a lot of users.”

What do you think, gimmick or useful idea?

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See Also: Work Platform via Home Depot

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