Have you ever received a gift you remember detail by detail? Something that just stood out? Do you remember how it made you feel?

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Maybe it was the gift itself or perhaps it was knowing that someone took the time to pick out the gift that made you feel special.

Sometimes a person does something so kind or helpful that a verbal thank you or even a handwritten note isn’t quite enough. Certain deeds require memorable thank you gifts. According to Positive Psychology:

“Over 90% of American teens and adults indicated that expressing gratitude made them extremely happy or somewhat happy.”

We’ve put together a carefully curated list of unforgettable gifts so you can leave a lasting impression and show major gratitude to your giftee.

Get started to show appreciation with one of these incredibly thoughtful gifts!

Business Thank You Gifts For Professionals
1. Personalized Office Sign

The best humor has a kernel of truth in it. The Office resonates with all of us because we’ve lived the corporate lifestyle and know the sometimes awkward, sometimes fun, other times mundane moments that happen when you mix personalities in the workplace. As a fun nod and a wink for Office fans, you can give them their very own name sign!

Why this is a great business thank you gift: The Personalized Office Sign is a great custom business thank you gift because it adds humor and a playful touch to any corporate setting. Add the names of coworkers, clients, or employees to it so they know this keepsake was made just for them.

Price: $8.00

Where to find this: Personalized Office Sign


2. Concierge Thank You Gift Box

Looking for a fully customizable gift to express major gratitude? The Concierge Thank You Gift Box is exactly that. This gifting solution is curated by experts who specialize in corporate care packages, so you’ll get as much help as you need to create the perfect package!

Why this is a great corporate thank you gift: Flexibility is the name of the game. In fact, the flexible workplace is gearing up to become the new conventional standard to accommodate both in-person and distributed teams. The Concierge Thank You Gift gives you the choice to pick and choose what you want featured in your box, so every type of employee, coworker, and client can feel like it was put together with them in mind!

Price: Custom

Where to find this: Concierge Thank You Gift Box


3. JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker allows the lucky recipient to bring the party with them wherever they go. After all, they say work hard, play harder. This thank you gift will help them enjoy the best of work-life balance.

Why this is a great thank you gift for professionals: The JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker is high quality with a sound pristine enough to feel the backyard with music during a cookout or a pool party. Additionally, the clip makes it easy to bring it anywhere they want. This is sure to be a music lover’s best friend.

Price: $87.93 / item

Where to find this: JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker


4. Wild Child Flight

This appreciation gift earns its name from the free-spirited flavors that will enthrall and turn any setting into a full-fledged wine tasting.

Why this is a great thank you gift for clients: The Wild Child Flight is perfect for those sophisticated clients who like something a little different. With eight non-traditional wines, your clients will remember you fondly as they sip from their wine glass. Each one-of-a-kind spirit is crafted to take them on a tasting adventure!

Price: $65

Where to find this: Wild Child Flight

Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower
5. Koala Baby Blanket

The Koala Baby Blanket is a 100% organic cotton comforter that becomes softer and softer after each wash!

Why this is a great thank you gift for new parents: Perhaps you have a coworker who just had a baby and you’re looking for a maternity leave gift for new moms. One of the first things they’ll be on the look out for is that each item is safe for their precious little one. Well, they can rest assured that the Koala Baby Blanket is pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer free, which means no harmful chemicals for their baby’s sensitive skin.

Price: $20.20

Where to find this: Koala Baby Blanket


6. It’s A Girl

It’s A Girl is part thank you and part maternity leave gift. If your coworker or employee just had a baby or has a bun in the oven, you can get them the It’s A Girl gift to let them know you appreciate everything they do.

Why this is a great thank you gift for a baby shower: It’s A Girl includes yummy snacks like pomegranate hard candies, walnut cookies, and vanilla fudge with sea salt for parents and anyone who visits the little snuggle bunny! This thank you gift for working parents also features a plush toy, a piggy bank, and a pink blanket.

Price: $104.95

Where to find this: It’s A Girl


7. It’s A Boy

It’s A Boy celebrates the life of a brand new baby boy or, at least, one that’s on the way into the world! Whether your employee or coworker is on maternity leave, paternity leave, or is continuing to work, this is a special time in their lives. This gift for new parents is the perfect way to celebrate.

Why this is a great thank you gift for working moms and dads: It’s A Boy features lots of toys and cute and snuggly items for the baby boy and treats for the parents. This new parent gift comes with dolcetto wafer vanilla cookies, vanilla fudge with sea salt, walnut cookies, English tea, pomegranate hard candies, chocolate chip cookies, a plush teddy bear, a piggy bank, and much, much more.

Price: $109.95

Where to find this: It’s A Boy


8. Personalized Baby Blanket

The Personalized Baby Blanket is another great gift for new parents and working moms. In addition to adding a first name, a word, or three initials, you can choose the thread color, fonts, and which side of the blanket you want to be embroidered.

Why this is a great thank you gift for working moms: These Minky Blankets are handmade in the states and can be selected in a wide range of sizes depending on whether you want to give it as a snuggle blanket for the baby or to have it be large enough to cover a stroller or a crib.


Where to find this: Personalized Baby Blanket

Thank You Gifts For Friends
9. Pair of Keyrings

The Pair of Keyrings is an engraved leather key tag pendant for coworkers, clients, and employees. This thank you accessory is a heart-shaped stainless steel key ring, which adds a sentimental touch to it!

Why this is a great custom thank you gift: These laser-engraved keyrings are made of top grain leather and can be customized with the giftee’s name or a special message dedicated to them!

Price: $11.54

Where to find this: Pair of Keyrings


10. Yellowstone Quilt

The Yellowstone Quilt is made from natural, yarn-dyed cotton and is designed to showcase some of the wonders of Yellowstone National Park.

Why this is a great thank you gift for friends: In addition to being ultra-cozy and comfortable, the Yellowstone Quilt displays prominent locations like Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, The Grand Canyon, and much more. The good news is that 10% of the proceeds from your purchase of this unique gift help support the national park system.

Price: $300

Where to find this: Yellowstone Quilt


11. Fun in The Sun

Fun in The Sun is the travel kit for time-off-work. This luxury box can be paired with a game of cornhole or something even more laid back like a game of checkers or backgammon.

Why this is a great thank you gift for friends: Fun in The Sun comes with a vibrant turquoise Turkish cotton towel, a ceramic mug with a soft silicone sleeve, a reversible cotton game bag with 24 wooden game pieces, and a booklet that outlines the positive impact the kit has on the community.

Price: $105

Where to find this: Fun in The Sun


12. Carry Smart Bundle

Carry Smart Bundle is the perfect gift for digital nomads. This work from anywhere gift is a multi-purpose tool and organizer.

Why this is a great business thank you gift: This business thank you gift will help your digitally nomadic coworkers or employees stay organized and prepared for any situation. Whether they’re on a work vacation or work from anywhere is the lifestyle they’ve built, they’ll find value in the key organizer, integrated USB stick, and the bluetooth-enabled tracker that helps them keep track of their keys.

Price: $98

Where to find this: Carry Smart Bundle

Bulk Thank You Gifts
13. Picnic Blanket

The Picnic Blanket is made of polar fleece with foam padding for extra comfort as your recipient enjoys a peaceful picnic in the scenery of their choice. Imagine a romantic time or family picnic in the mountains or at a local park. Well, it just got better thanks to this thank you plaid picnic blanket.

Why this is a great bulk thank you gift: Everyone deserves a break — especially those hard working employees. The Picnic Blanket is a simple way to encourage them to unwind and destress with friends and loved ones. Whether you’d like one hundred or two hundred made — it’s so easy to order in bulk.

Price: $18.54 to $27.90

Where to find this: Picnic Blanket


14. Portable Charger

The Portable Charger is a hyper-practical gift for the work-from-anywhere crowd. The Pebble 5000 gets its name because it’s as portable, durable, and compact as a small rock!

Why this is a great bulk thank you gift: This tech toy is the perfect gift for remote employees and distributed teams. Devices will stay charged wherever their wanderlust takes them and the durable case and carabiner make it so easy to carry along that they’ll forget it’s on them at times.

Price: $22.92 / item

Where to find this: Portable Charger


15. Nourish Box

The Nourish Box is the ultimate employee care package. This tasty corporate gift is designed to renew and energize employees and boost their overall health and wellness.

Why this is a great business thank you gift: The Nourish Box comes with fun exercises and better-for-you snacks like veggie snacks and other nutritious, low calorie delights.

Price: $24.95

Where to find this: Nourish Box


16. Cooler Pack

The Cooler Pack is a built-for-comfort backpack with straps for relaxed carrying.

Why this is a great thank you gift for ordering in bulk: This heat-sealed cooler is PEVA lined with an adjustable shoulder strap and shoulder pad, which can also be removed so that any one who receives it can find it useful on a hot day spent outside. Ordering these through Swag.com is a seamless way to order, customize, and track a large order.

Price: $30.62 to $87.56

Where to find this: Cooler Pack

Personalized Thank You Gifts
17. Personalized Name Necklace

The Personalized Name Necklace is a copper or sterling silver handcrafted necklace. You can choose between rose gold, gold, and silver color for your recipient.

Why this is a great peronslized thank you gift: This stylish, sentimental thank you gift can be customized with the giftee’s name and delivered in a stunning box!

Price: $17.90

Where to find this: Personalized Name Necklace


18. Sips + Snacks Box

Sips + Snacks Box is a bistro-in-a-box so your clients or employees can feel like the toast of the town as they’re treated to a wine and dine experience!

Why this is a great personalized hank you gift: While this box comes with ultra-nutritious snacks and other yummy treats, it emphasizes balance by letting the recipient indulge in a bottle of wine. Time for them to kick back, relax, and indulge in the fruits of their labors.

Price: $57.95

Where to find this: Sips + Snacks Box


19. Thank You Mug

The Thank You Mug is a personalized gift mug for saying thank you. Each mug is double boxed to ensure safe shipping and they are microwave and dishwasher safe!

Why this is a great custom thank you gift: This personalized coffee cup ranges in size from 11 to 15 ounces and can have a name added to it or another custom message. Additionally, every mug has a glossy finish and is made through sublimation print for long-lasting images.

Price: $16

Where to find this: Thank You Mug


20. Personalized Classroom Sign

The Personalized Classroom Sign is the personalized sign every teacher could use hanging outside of their classroom. Furthermore, your mentors could probably use one outside of their office as well!

Why this is a great thank you gift for teachers: You can select your sign’s font from a choice of four different options and four different color options. Each wooden sign is 14 inches wide and nearly 4 inches tall. Plus, they already come ready to hang.

Price: $27.99

Where to find this: Personalized Classroom Sign

Thank You Gifts For Women
21. Book A Wine Tasting

Book A Wine Tasting is the ideal tasting experience for your highfalutin clients and friends! You can set up a tasting for individuals or groups alike and plan your pairings accordingly.

Why this is a great thank you gift: Encourage the giftee to mix traditional flavors and wild treats together. In fact, this experiential gift is a virtual wine tasting dream.

Price: $65

Where to find this: Book A Wine Tasting


22. Hand Bound Journal

The Hand Bound Journal is a scrapbooker’s dream! Engrave your coworker’s, client’s, or employee’s names, a date, and their initials on the cover for a personal touch.

Why this is a great thank you gift for women: When your employees receive this custom gift, the full grain leather, waxed thread, and 180 pages of space to write will let them know they’ve got something of value in their hands.

Price: $37.82

Where to find this: Hand Bound Journal


23. Inspire Box

The Inspire Box features team building activities, high quality goods, and snacks that satisfy on every level!

Why this is a great thank you gift for coworkers: As a coworker, you know best of all how important every member of the team is to each other. The more each person lifts the other up, the more successful the team will be. The Inspire Box comes with a water bottle, a fragrant candle, and other carefully curated goodies to maximize inspiration.

Price: $53.95

Where to find this: Inspire Box


24. Refresh Shower Streamers

Refresh Shower Streamers are essential oil-infused tablets to turn any shower into the perfect place for soothing aromatherapy!

Why this is a great thank you gift for women: With how busy working moms are, the last thing they need to deal with is anything complex. That’s why Refresh Shower Streamers are the perfect self-care and relaxation gift for them. All they have to do is place these spa-inspired fragrances on the shower floor, turn the shower on, and let the eucalyptus, orange & mint, rose, pink grapefruit, and lavender & geranium scents fill the bathroom! This is also a great housewarming gift and something special for a special someone as well.

Price: $16

Where to find this: Refresh Shower Streamers

Thank You Gifts For Men
25. Weekender Tote

The Weekender Tote is a stylish tote for day trips and trekking across the city to find a coffee shop to work out of.

Why this is a great thank you gift for men: This on-trend tote has a zippered main compartment to fit plenty of accessories and gadgets in and bottom support feet in case the wearer gets tired of carrying it around.

Price: $25.57 / item

Where to find this: Weekender Tote


26. Hecho

Hecho brings the heat. Perfect for Mexican food lovers, this kit features a DIY hot sauce kit, artisan-made molcajete, and a taco holder for holding taco shape in place.

Why this is a great thank you gift for foodies: The DIY hot sauce kit features 2 hot sauce blends, 1 plastic funnel, 4 glass bottles, 4 labels, and detailed instructions for blending. Then of course, the artisan-made molcajete takes things up another level if that’s even possible by giving the giftee a mortar to mix their guacamole or salsa in!

Price: $55

Where to find this: Hecho


27. The Classic Cocktail Collection

The Classic Cocktail Collection is worthy of any occasion. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a coworker’s retirement, an employee’s promotion, a welcome back, someone’s going away event, or a major milestone in a friend’s life, this alcoholic collection is ready to add cheer!

Why this is a great alcoholic thank you gift: The Celebration Collection features 1934 Cosmo, Ginger Buck, Matador, and Spicy Maid. Each cocktail is professionally crafted with the finest ingredients for near-guaranteed enjoyment. Also, not medical advice…but: Every cocktail is so insanely smooth and delicious that experts recommend pacing yourself to avoid getting “lost in the sauce.”

Price: $80

Where to find this: The Classic Cocktail Collection


28. Men’s DOPP Kit

The Men’s DOPP Kit is the ideal kit for his travel essentials. This compact travel kit has a leather patch for laser engraving his initials as well, so there’s never a case of mistaken identity or wrongly claimed baggage.

Why this is a great thank you gift for men: The Men’s DOPP Kit is just the right size to pack up all of those toiletries and other essentials. Now he’ll also never be without shampoo, deodorant, or cologne. The DOPP kit makes for an exceptional Father’s Day gift.

Price: $12.99

Where to find this: Men’s DOPP Kit

Thank You Gifts Baskets
29. Brownie Assortment

Brownies are one of those desserts that pretty much everyone has tried at one point or another. However, very few people have had the chance to try brownies in all of their various flavors.

Why this is a great edible thank you gift: This chocolaty assortment is ideal for Mother’s Day because it comes with Butterscotch Blondie, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chunk, and perhaps most unforgettably, Peanut Butter Brownie! Oh, and let’s not forget that it also features fudge brownie cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, lemon sugar cookies, and much more.

Price: $64.95

Where to find this: Brownie Assortment


30. The Thank You Gift Basket

The Thank You Gift Basket is a delectable collection of treats and goodies. Every item in this gift basket has been included for its deliciousness, uniqueness, and its ability to make the giftee’s jaw drop!

Why this is a great thank you gift basket: This appreciation gift was curated entirely for this purpose. The Thank You Gift Basket features French chocolate truffles, milk chocolate sea salt caramels, Belgian chocolates, a white chocolate truffle bar, Colombian coffee, caramel flavored coffee, fragrant dark chocolate coffee, hazelnut coffee, maple wafer cookies, chocolate wafer petites, and mudpuppies.

Price: $84.99

Where to find this: The Thank You Gift Basket


31. Oreos Are Love

Oreos Are Love pays homage to the classic Oreo Cookie with a Belgian chocolate-dipped twist.

Why this is a great thank you gift for loved ones: Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, a Christmas Gift, or an anniversary treat, Oreos Are Love is a perfect gift for showing love and appreciation. These Belgian chocolate-dipped cookies are even decorated to spell out the word “LOVE.”

Price: $84.95

Where to find this: Oreos Are Love


32. Thank You Popcorn Tin

Perfect for movie night or a Netflix marathon, the Thank You Popcorn Tin is sure to satisfy the cinema lovers out there.

Why this is a great thank you gift basket: This classic tin comes complete with handcrafted popcorn for non-stop movie munching. Whether they’re binge-watching Peaky Blinders or Penny Dreadful, the flavor will finally match the caliber of the show!

Price: $24.99 to $59.99

Where to find this: Thank You Popcorn Tin

Thank You Gift Boxes
33. Amplify Box

The Amplify Box is an ideal treat for snack lovers who also want to support diversity, empathy, and inclusion (DEI).

Why this is a great corporate thank you gift: Every item in the Amplify Box is made by black-founded, women-founded, and POC-founded brands with 5% of proceeds donated to nonprofits that support positive social change.

Price: $33.95

Where to find this: Amplify Box


34. The Tech Pack

Know any tech lovers? Maybe they work in Marketing? The Tech Pack is the perfect gift for technologists and computer geeks!

Why this is a great thank you gift box: This assortment of tech gizmos and gadgets will keep your digital nomad friends and employees prepared for life-on-the-go. The Tech Pack includes greeting cards, a rubberized powerbank, powerbuds, an essentials charging cable, and a bluetooth tracker in case they lose an item and need a little help finding it.

Price: $86.13

Where to find this: The Tech Pack


35. California Wine Mixer

How does a trip to the freaking Catalina Wine Mixer sound? What about a drive to Napa Valley? While that may not be in physical proximity for everyone, the California Wine Mixer brings all of these places together into the best gift for a seamless tasting experience.

Why this is a great thank you gift box: This eight-glass wine collection showcases the various tastes of the Golden State. The palm trees, the surfing, the natural wonders, the glamor — the California Wine Mixer manages to mix it together to transport wine lovers to paradise.

Price: $65

Where to find this: California Wine Mixer


36. Elevated Evening At Home

Elevated Evening At Home is an eco-friendly gift box for your friends, family, or coworkers to enjoy some time to themselves or a date night with their special someone.

Why this is a great thank you gift box: Made from a repurposed bottle of wine, the soy candle is the first item in the Elevated Evening At Home for setting the mood. Next, they can pull out the rose, the savory artichoke & caper bread dip, and the olive biscuits for light snacking and a taste reminiscent of the sweetest summer nights. Additionally, the Elevated Evening At Home comes with a teak spreader and a maple wood serving board.

Price: $100

Where to find this: Elevated Evening At Home

Thank You Gifts For Weddings
37. World of Thanks

World of Thanks is an international-themed gift box designed and packaged with the sole intent of taking who it’s gifted to on a tasting adventure around the world.

Why this is a great thank you gift for weddings: This international sampler comes with Ahmad English Tea for refreshment, a smoked gouda cheese spread, chocolate brownies, organic dried plums, vanilla fudge with sea salt, coconut crisps, caramel sea salt cookies, artichokes and thyme spread, a cheese knife, and much more.

Price: $109.95

Where to find this: World of Thanks


38. Rose Petal Gift Set

The Rose Petal Gift Set is a fragrant trio of rose petal body oil with coconut oil, a shea butter and essential oils bath bomb, and two lip and cheek tints — hibiscus petal and rose clay & carrot.

Why this is a great thank you gift for a bride: After all that work, the bride deserves some R&R and a chance to get out of their heads. The Rose Petal Gift Set helps them soothe their mind, body, and spirit. Every ingredient is organic as well, so they can feel good about what they’re putting on their body!

Price: $82

Where to find this: Rose Petal Gift Set


39. Movies At Home Gift Basket

Movies At Home Gift Basket is like receiving a home theater in a box. The recipient of this thank you gift will be treated to the total entertainment package.

Why this is a great thank you gift for newlyweds: The newly married couple will love this theater-in-a-box because it comes with a gift card, a fleece blanket, double-dipped peanuts, cookie dough bites, red vines, Sour Patch Kids, Junior Mints, and nearly all of the classic theater snacks.

Price: $26.88

Where to find this: Movies At Home Gift Box


40. Wedding Thank You Card

The Wedding Thank You Card is the perfect gift for your newly wed coworkers, employees, or clients because it lets them know that you’re grateful for them and are celebrating their big day!

Why this is a great wedding gift for employees: These stylish yet classy wedding cards are personalized with the bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom’s names. Plus, you can add any other custom text you want.

Price: $12.00+

Where to find this: Wedding Thank You Card


People Also Ask These Questions About Thank You Gifts
Q: What are thank you gifts?

Thank you gifts are gifts that express your gratitude for something someone has done for you.

Q: What are the benefits of sending a thank you gift?

The benefits of sending a thank you gift are mostly based around the idea of reciprocity, which essentially means that every good deed is met with another good deed, making the world a better place. Additionally, a thank you gift helps motivate, inspire, and encourage other people.

Q: What are some good thank you gifts?

Some good thank you gifts are anything that feels custom or personalized. Besides that, the main thing behind thank you gift ideas is just making sure that whatever you choose feels thoughtful.

Q: How do I choose a thank you gift?

You choose a thank you gift based at least in part on the interests of the recipient. However, if you’re buying a thank you gift for groups, try to find commonalities between each member.

Q: How much does it cost to send a thank you gift?

Sending a thank you gift can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the item and the distance to the destination, among other factors.

Q: Can I send thank you gifts to multiple addresses?

You can send thank you gifts to multiple addresses. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find a gifting company that handles multi-address orders.

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