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Today I’m going to share how to organize your jewelry and accessories, easily! I can’t wait to show you my newly organized jewelry storage drawers, along with some great pieces that can help keep your jewelry and accessories organized too! I’ve even got a super fun accessory wall DIY idea with pretty storage for things like scarves and sunglasses. 

When I start off a post with “how to” that’s only to help people searching, to find my post in case my ideas could be helpful for them. It’s never to say “hey my way of organizing is perfect and how I do it is the only way”. I’ve talked about it a lot of times — but we are all going to have different storage needs. We’ve got different available space, and different things to store. And sometimes, our lives change. How I did something a few years ago might not work anymore because my life, what I’m storing, or my needs changed. I just wanted to touch on that, because I am only ever sharing my home and ideas in an effort to help or encourage, and maybe to motivate. As I know seeing new ideas can motivate me! 

Welcome to day 18 of our 4 week Cleaning & Organizing Challenge. Today I’m sharing some of the best tips and ideas for good closet organization. Following the Free Printable Checklist/Calendar, Jess Mom4Real and I are continuing to share our completed tasks & projects with you. Feel free to jump-in anytime, and work at your own pace!

Todays’ project on how to organize your jewelry and accessories is geared toward simple, easy organizing. It’s organization that anyone can accomplish with a few empty drawers. No fancy closet of big budget required!

We live in a 1929 cottage bungalow. It’s a modest sized home, and we do not have an en-suite bathroom.  What we do have is nice sized combination powder bath & laundry room. And since it’s right outside our bedroom door, I decided to re-organize my jewelry into the two drawers in our bank of cabinets. They are very shallow, and this is actually the most useful these drawers have been in the last 15 years!
If you’ve got the drawer real estate available, I totally recommend organizing your jewelry in drawers — having my jewelry organized inside a drawer keeps it easily accessible, I can see all my earrings and grab them quickly (as opposed to having them fastened onto a hanging organizer), everything stays right where I put it, and most of all… it’s not getting dusty! 

HOW TO BEGIN: I started with the basics. I cleared it all out. Then I purged. Simplifying and purging before I organize has been key to allowing me to better utilize my existing space. I was brutal and I got rid of over half my fashion jewelry stash. I found some great places to donate — like an organization that will share my glizty jewelry with girls who need prom accessories. Next I cleaned my drawers and installed my organizational pieces. 

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THE LEFT: I was able to puzzle piece some new storage organizers into my drawers well enough to utilize almost every inch of each drawer. I concentrated on organizing all my earrings in first. I spaced them so that I could see them all, and the grippy lining of the organizers I got prevents things from sliding around. It’s working so wonderfully! I love that feature. I would have loved to use the clear containers exclusively, but no matter how I worked it, I ended up with unused space. The black piece fit perfect so I went with mis-matched.
It only makes my eye twitch a little. hehe

I tried to put like colors and styles together as much as possible, there are a few keepsake items tucked towards the back. Like my grandmas powder compact and some pins from Disneyland. One you can’t buy, we got it for participating in a parade. So not my idea, but everyone else was on board so we did it… I’ve got a picture somewhere, we wore bright colorful tutus and danced along with the Hippos. 
THE RIGHT: I already owned these fabric covered dividers and they are actually really nice so I decided to go ahead and use them. They are sturdy and well made, and I was trying to spend as little as possible since I’d already bought a handful of new organizers for all the other projects I’ve recently completed. 

This drawer is primarily holding my fashion rings, bracelets and two of my statement necklaces I prefer to lay flat for storage.  

That little metal tool is so handy! It’s like an extra set of hands if you have a bracelet that is difficult to put on alone. It saves a lot of frustration. 

I have more necklaces, but I’m undecided on where I want to keep them at this point, so this is as far as I got. I can’t decide if I want to hang them in here, near the drawers, or if I want them by my vanity. So I’m holding off. No rush right? 

I just love ring holders! I’ve got an elephant, a bunny, and this Flamingo. I keep one on my desk, one next to may bed, and now here. Because I’m always taking my real rings off, it helps to keep them safe if I’ve got a designated place to put them. 

I’m just over here ticking off all the jobs on my organizing to-do list and it feels SOOOOO good! These two drawers are working hard now, instead of hardly working. 

I’ll be back on Friday to share our very last post of our 4 week Cleaning & Organizing challenge with you, and it’s all about LAUNDRY ROOM ORGANIZING, so you’ll get to see more of this room! Jimmy and I just did a quick DIY on a storage shelf and I’m excited about making that work a whole lot harder for us. See you FRIDAY! xo, Shan

For MORE Accessory Storage Ideas, check out this post [click here] where organized all my scarves & sunglasses in this cool project!

The colors and style could be updated, but it’s still such a fun idea!
Oh and this FUN necklace storage idea from Katie at Little House Of Four (I just love her)! 


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