Milwaukee Power Tool Accessory and Packout Organizer Bundle Deals – Save up to 50%!!

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Let’s talk a bit about several Milwaukee power tool accessory and Packout organizer promo bundles that are going on right now.

The first, a hole saw and reciprocating saw blade bundle I already posted about, is promo-priced from the start, but the others are regular SKUs at a 50% discount compared to their regular prices.

I never expressed interest in these bundle assortments due to their high pricing, but at 50% off they’re very good bargains.

I recently wrote about this Milwaukee Hole Dozer and reciprocating saw blade bundle, but it’s worth a second mention.

This deal is no longer available for online purchasing, but I expect it to come back online soon. Given that no other retailer is even listing this set right now, it’s likely intended as a surprise Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal. It seems to be a very good deal for what you get.

Check back soon!

Update 11/12/20: This is back in stock with free shipping!

Price: $50

Buy Now via Home Depot

Some of you asked for a Milwaukee Shockwave screwdriver bit set deal that included more 2″ power bits and fewer 1″ bits. Well, try this one – it’s got plenty of power bits and in a range of Phillips, square, and Torx sizes.

You get a 100pc impact-rated bit set and a compact low-profile Packout organizer.

If you consider that the Packout organizer retails for $25, you’re getting a 100pc bit set for just $25. If you could use the organizer, this is a fantastic deal.

You save 50%, or $50 on this deal! This isn’t a case of “let’s mark it to $100 and then really price it at $50, this set was really priced at $100, and the others below were also priced at their actual selling price points.

Was: $100
Sale Price: $50

Buy Now via Home Depot – Free Shipping
Buy Now via Acme Tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut

Here’s what you get in this 100pc Shockwave bit set:

Next up, this Milwaukee 10pc Hole Dozer hole saw set and Packout tool box bundle is on sale for $65.

You get some big hole saw sizes in this set too – 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 3-5/8″, and 4-1/4″, plus two arbors and extra pilot bits. It’s bundled in a compact Packout organizer.

Sale Price: $65

Buy Now via Home Depot
Buy Now via International Tool
Buy Now via Acme Tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut

Remember, the tools come inside the Packout cases. If you need bins for this size organizer, they can be found online for $6.

Lastly, the Milwaukee 9pc Big Hawg carbide hole saw and Packout tool case kit is on sale for $100.

With this set you get one less smaller-sized hole saw compared to the 10pc set that’s priced at $140 to $180 at other sellers right now, and no diamond file. For added context, Milwaukee’s 8pc set with similar contents is priced at $190.

This seems like a very good deal on these carbide hole saws.

Sale Price: $100

Buy Now via Home Depot
Buy Now via International Tool
Buy Now via Acme Tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut

Price Comparison: Big Hawg 10pc Carbide Hole Saw Set via Home Depot

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