Moving to the dormitory of your dream college or traveling to your favorite city should be fun

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But moving to a hostel or traveling comes with its caveats. If you don’t go well prepared, then it is very likely that you may come across minor inconveniences that can eventually end up ruining the fun you were set out for. One of the most common problems people face during an adventurous trip is having no proper room to put their clothes in.

Now, of course, you could leave your clothes in the suitcase and call it a day. However, this can prove counterproductive and will make it impossible to access all of your clothes. You will probably have to make a mess before you get to the dress you were looking for, let alone the hassle of ironing it too.

The second option is getting a portable clothes closet. The name explains it all. These lightweight and easy to move wardrobes are the best friends of travelers. Moreover, if you are not a traveler but want to store extra clothes in the garage or storeroom, you too can benefit from these portable closets.

There are many options available for the portable wardrobe. If you do not know where to start your research, we have got you covered. This article contains all the information you will need to pick the best closet for you.

List of Best Portable Clothes Closets in 2020


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Honey-Can-Do Portable Wardrobe Storage Closet

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Best Portable Clothes Closets

The market is filled with portable closets, and this sheer abundance can make it difficult for you to choose the right product. This is why we have created this list of the top 10 best portable clothes closets.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

#10. Idab Portable Wardrobe Closet

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Portable closets are best if you want extra storage in your house. But sometimes, these plain wardrobes do not look good with the rest of the furniture. This is where Idab comes in to play. Unlike all of the other closets on this list, the Idab portable closet’s cover has a pattern that makes it look unique. This colorful closet can easily match with the rest of your furniture. You can also use the closet without the cover as it looks equally good without it.

The basic frame of the closet is made with heavy-duty iron that gives the item durability and strength. Furthermore, the tiers that separate the sections of the closet are made with waterproof material.


Easy to assemble
Washable and dustproof cover with pattern
Thick corrosion-resistant iron frame
Waterproof tiers

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#9. Honey-Can-Do Portable Wardrobe Storage

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This is the best basic portable wardrobe on the list. Not only this closet has a big capacity, but it is also compact. Unlike other products in this list, the Honey-Can-Do closet is taller and less wide. With the high-quality metal rack, you can hang most of your clothes and save them from wrinkles.

The one feature that sets Honey-Can-Do apart from its competitors is the pull-out drawers. This closet has got two drawers. You can use them to keep your undergarments, accessories, or even shoes. The closet also features a metal rack for more storage. The wardrobe fabric is breathable and prevents the clothes from growing a foul odor.

Lastly, the Honey-Can-Do wardrobe has a reliant steel frame that makes the product durable and worth your money.


Breathable fabric keeps clothes fresh
Two pull-out drawers for easy access
Rustproof steel frame
Portable wardrobe rack

#8. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe Closets with Hanging Rack

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This closet from Whitmor is perfect for people who want to store seasonal clothes in their garage or storeroom. Why? Well, first of all, this closet can hold up to 50 pounds of clothes. With a capacity this big, you can store tens of items of clothing. Secondly, the Whitmor portable closet comes with a breathable cover. This cover saves the clothes from dust but also keep them fresh and prevent mold and foul odor. And lastly, even though this closet has 50 pounds capacity, the design is compact. This narrow closet can fit into small spaces easily.


See-through window
Velcro closure door
Breathable fabric cover
Durable structure; can hold up to 50 pounds

#7. UDEAR Large Portable Closet & Organizer

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Are you infamous among your friends and family for always traveling with way too many clothes? Your relatives and friends might not understand you, but you are dear to UDEAR. This brand makes one of the largest and spacious portable closets in the market.

This wardrobe is taller and broader than the rest of the products on this list. On top of that, it has gotten multiple sections, hanging areas, shelves, and side pockets. UDEAR’s ingenious design is the dream of every professional organizer.

UDEAR portable closet comes with a waterproof and dustproof cover. This small accessory can save your precious article of clothing from disasters.


Waterproof fabric
High-quality steel frame
Roll-up Velcro door
Spacious storage with shelves, hanger sections, and side pockets

#6. Whitmor Black Wardrobe Closet & Clothes Storage

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Whitmor Black wardrobe is recommended for storing extra clothes in the garage. The dark color will blend in with the rest of the area and will not stand out. And no, the black color is not Whitmor Black’s only best feature. This wardrobe can hold 50 pounds of clothes. The spacious sections are perfect for storing all sorts of articles and accessories.

Whitmor uses steel metal for making the wardrobe’s frame. Steel not only gives the product durability but also keep the overall weight low. The assembly requires no tool and the clear instruction manual makes the process even easier.

Moreover, the wardrobe features a see-through window and Velcro closure door for easy and quick access.


Easy and quick no-tool assembly
Holds 50 pounds of clothes
Heavy-duty steel frame
Velcro closure with see-through window

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#5. SONGMICS Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe

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If you are looking for a portable closet but do not have a huge budget, SONGMICS is the best option. This brand is known for its affordable closets. Furthermore, this closet is cheap, but it is as good as any other product on this list. The double iron frame makes these clothes closet durable and lasts long. SONGMICS can withstand falls and accidents.

Assembling this closet is so simple that anyone can do it. All of the metal tubes are the same length, which makes the installation straightforward. On top of that, SONGMICS offers no-tool quick assembly.

Lastly, this wardrobe features waterproof tiers and a dustproof cover to keep your clothes intact 24/7.


Same length frame tubes for simple assembly
Durable iron tube frame
Roll-up Velcro door
Dustproof cover and waterproof tiers

#4. YOUUD Closet Portable Organizer

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This is another one of those portable closets that are good for organizing multiple stuff. The wardrobe is not the biggest on the list. It has a standard height and is medium-wide. But the various sections makes the inside more spacious and comfortable to arrange clothes. The upper half portion has a hanging space where you can easily store 16 to 20 articles of clothing. The lower part has two tall shelves. You can put your stuff in boxes and store put those boxes on the shelves for easy access. Furthermore, the two outside pockets give additional storing space.

The entire frame of this YOUUD closet is made with high-quality steel. This heavy-duty manufacturing material ensures a longer life for your purchase.


Durable oxford cloth
Dustproof cover
High-quality steel frame
Different sections and two outside pockets

#3. Whitmor Extra Wide Grey Portable Wardrobe

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This grey portable closet from Whitmor looks sophisticated and is easy to pair with a modern interior. Whitmor closets have a heavy-duty steel frame that makes the product durable and lasts longer than its competitors. The wardrobe is strong enough to hold 50 pounds of clothes easily.

Furthermore, this closet consists of multiple sections so you can arrange and organize your clothes effectively. Whitmore closet also features a long hanging rack with a capacity of hanging more than 15 hangers at a time.

This closet comes with a waterproof and dustproof cover that will save your clothes and your wardrobe. Lastly, assembling this Whitmor Grey closet does not need any tool and takes less than an hour.


Heavy-duty steel frame
Bungee cord system for easy assembly
Velcro door closure with transparent window
Hold up to 50 pounds of clothes

#2. Whitmor White Extra Wide Clothes Closet

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The color white screams minimalism. If you are also minimalistic and want a portable wardrobe with a simple design and subtle hue, Whitmore White is. This wardrobe is spacious enough to store 50 pounds of clothes, yet it is easy to transport from one place to another. Whitmore white features multiple sections for storing clothes. The transparent plastic window and the Velcro closure door make it easy for the user to access clothes.

This wardrobe’s main frame is made with high-quality, durable steel, and the product can withstand small falls. In addition to that, the fabric is moisture resistant and keep the clothes fresh.


Durable steel frame
Easy to assembly
See-through window with Velcro closure
Holds up to 50 pounds of clothes

#1. YOUUD Wardrobe Storage Closet

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If you loved the other YOUUD closets on this list but want a slightly bigger wardrobe, then this product will be the best for you. This portable closet from YOUUD is one of the biggest portable wardrobes on this list. The bigger size, along with multiple shelves, help you store and organize more clothes than a standard closet. YOUUD wardrobe storage closet has in total of eight sections to keep clothes. Four of which have hanging racks so you can hang your clothes. The other 4 are standard shelves.

This closet is easy to set up, and due to its bungee cord system, the installation requires no-tool. Lastly, the non-woven oxford cloth is durable and will last you years.


Multiple sections, shelves, and hanger spaces
Non-woven oxford cloth cover
Easy no-tool assembly
Durable steel frame

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Buying Guide: Portable Clothes Closet
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If you are making a purchase, then you should make sure the product is worth your money. This is why you should never buy something solely based on its appearance or price.

To ensure you get the perfect portable closet, we have put together this buying guide for you. You should consider the following features when buying portable clothes closet to get a product that offers value.

Closet Size & Capacity: First, determine how many clothes you want to store in the closet and then get the right size product. The room’s size should also be considered because you would not want the wardrobe to make your room congested.

Shape & Sections: Some portable wardrobes only have shelves, while other closets feature hanging racks and drawers. If you carry clothes prone to wrinkle, then a closet with clothes hanging rack would be the best place to store them. Similarly, if you have small accessories, then a wardrobe with drawers would serve the purpose just right.

Waterproof Cover & Tiers: Waterproof cover and tiers go hand in hand. This is the one feature that you should never compromise on. If you accidentally spill water or any other liquid in your closet, a waterproof cover and waterproof tier can save your entire collection of clothes from getting damp.

Sturdy Metallic Frame: If you are getting a portable closet, it means you might be moving it around a lot. This is why the product you get must be lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand any mishandling. Consider a heavy-duty metal frame that can not only keep the closet upright but can also make the product durable.

Easy to Assembly: Before you set out on your journey, you will need to prepare for it. The close you buy should be easy to assemble. If you are not the best at using tools, try to get a closet that features “no-tool assembly.” It will save you time.


Portable wardrobes can make your life easier if you like to travel with a bag full of clothes. These were are recommendations for portable clothes closets. Get the product that suits your need the best to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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