New Milwaukee Packout Crate, an Open-Top Tote-Style Tool Box

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Milwaukee has officially announced their new Packout Crate, and open-topped tool tote box, model 48-22-8440.

Resembling a milk crate but with solid walls, the new Milwaukee Packout tool tote has open handle grips and Packout connection points on the top and bottom.

It also has Packout connection tabs on its rear, for attaching to the new Packout wall mount without spilling its contents.

You can place it at the top of a Milwaukee Packout tool box stack, or in the middle.

Its top Packout connection points can only fit fill-width Packout components.

I would only want to carry the Milwaukee Packout crate by itself or from below, as opposed to from something attached on top of it, but options are good to have.

It doesn’t look to have any difficulty being in the middle of a stack of Packout tool boxes, bags, or organizers. Plus, attaching a Packout organizer or tool box on top could help in dusty environments, but keep in mind that the handle loops are still open.

Milwaukee says their new Packout Crate has a 50 lb load capacity.

Internal Dimensions: 16″ x 13″ x 9″.

There are inregrated weep holes that prevent water from collecting inside.

With the new Packout tool tote crate, Milwaukee says that Packout is the largest, most versatile, and most durable modular tool storage system in the industry.

Price: $40
ETA: November 2019

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I know exactly what some detractors are going to say. “$40 for a plastic milk crate?!” Well, yes. But with a 50 lb load capacity, solid walls, and the ability to connect above or below other Milwaukee Packout tool boxes (with some limitations), or horizontally to the new Packout wall mount accessory.

Because you cannot easily find them for free anymore, how much does a good milk crate or crate-style storage box cost to buy?

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Tool totes like this one are extremely useful for holding bulky tools, supplies, and other equipment that might not fit neatly inside a closed tool box.

By itself, this probably isn’t the best buy. But as part of the Milwaukee Packout system, where you can integrate it into a new or current workflow or storage setup? Modular tool storage products are pricey. Dollies are pricey, tool boxes are pricey, other accessories are pricey, and yes, even something that looks like a milk crate will be relatively pricey.

If you ask me, the new Milwaukee Packout tool tote seems to be a good addition to their modular tool storage lineup. Yes, it’s pricey, but will it make your work easier or better organized? Then it would be $40 well spent.

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The new Dewalt ToughSystem tote, which is finally available here with a top handle, is similarly priced at $39.

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Photos from Milwaukee NPS19 Media Event

Milwaukee showcased the new Packout Crate at their NPS19 new tool media event. It stacked easily with other Packout tool boxes, organizers, and accessories. It looks out of place when stacked between full-width tool boxes, but it can connect without issue.

Here, a Packout organizer is attached to the top of the new Packout tool tote.

The Crate + organizer combo connects easily to the wall mount accessory.

Here you can see how the Packout Crate can connect to the wall mount base.

The handles look sturdy and easy on the hands.

They can be hard to see in the photo, but there are small weep holes on the bottom of the Crate, to help drain water. The holes are small enough that you shouldn’t have any issues with small parts falling out of the box. You might also be able to use the slot for your own divider or custom slide-in inserts.

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