The Best iPad Cases for Protecting Your Expensive Investment

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The iPad may not have been the first tablet to hit the market, but it’s easily the most popular. Since its launch in 2010, the iPad has undergone numerous reinventions and upgrades, from the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro and the controversial iPen (yeah, we weren’t fans either). But while all these different models bring something new to the table, whether they were bigger designs, smaller models, or new takes on old classics, they’re all, unfortunately, incredibly fragile. That’s why you need the best iPad case you can get to keep your touchscreen tablet safe.

We know that naked iPads are aesthetically gorgeous, but investing in the right case is a must if you want to keep your pricy toy protected. There are tons of different cases made for various specificities, including ones with keypads and even children-specific cases. Depending on what exactly you want from your iPad case, the possibilities are genuinely endless.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our 15 top options to choose from when looking for the best iPad case for you. From the most sophisticated user to the traveler and everyone in between, these cases are sure to fit any occasion.


1. Moshi VersaCover 11-Inch iPad ProCase


This versatile case allows you to use and view your iPad from various angles. Made with an origami-style back, you can fold and tuck layers back for easy reading, typing, and browsing. It comes with a magnetic cover that allows you to sleep and wake your iPad without having to press buttons.

Buy: Moshi VersaCover 11-Inch iPad ProCase $78.66


2. Apple Smart Cover


This iPad accessory from Apple offers a simple solution for iPad screen protection. Snap it on and off without issue and fold the cover back to prop it up for simple reading, viewing, and typing. It’s suitable for 7th and 8th generation iPads, the 3rd generation iPad Air, and 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Buy: Apple Smart Cover $49.00


3. YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case for iPad


Way more than just an iPad case, this YEKBEE case comes with its own detachable backlit keyboard and includes an impressive 360-degree tablet swivel. Giving you the ability to instantly transform your tablet into a laptop, this iPad case also features a sleek and durable design that’s able to keep your iPad safe without ever getting in the way. The keyboard itself is illuminated with seven different colors, and it comes with an auto shut-off feature to help save battery when not in use.

Buy: YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case for iPad $64.99


4. Caseable iPad Pro 11-Inch iPad Smart Cover


Get a customized iPad case from Caseable to display important memories, photos, colors, and patterns. In addition to their large collection of premade designs, the company additionally allows you to use personal photos, filters, colors, and text to create a look all your own. You can get this case in hard- or soft-cover and it comes in various sizes to fit your particular iPad.


Caseable iPad Pro 11-inch iPad Smart Cover


5. ZUGU 9.7-inch iPad CASE


A sleek and sturdy option that’s built for everyday use, the ZUGU tablet comes with a built-in adjustable stand with seven magnetic angles and a handy anti-slide cover to help keep it extra sturdy. It also comes with an elastic Apple pencil holder and can actually be mounted to your fridge or any secure metal area. It’s also built to withstand shocks and drops. In fact, it’s been tested to keep your iPad safe from concrete drops at roughly five feet.

Buy: ZUGU 9.7-inch iPad CASE $49.99


6. SUPCASE iPad 9.7 Case


Not only does the Supcase provide total iPad protection, but it also comes with its own built-in screen protector so you don’t have to worry about smudges and scuffs. The robust design includes slightly raised edges to help keep your iPad safe, and the dual-layer TPU design encases your tablet and keeps it entirely enclosed. The convenient back kickstand is a nice bonus, and it comes in five different color schemes.

Buy: SUPCASE iPad 9.7 Case $26.99


7. Vimorco iPad 9.7 Case


And for when you’re looking for a case with a little more originality, the Vimorco iPad case comes in a range of different bright and vibrant styles (38 to be exact). While every option is a winner, we’re partial to the Marble Hill design, as it looks like it was carved out of a single sheet of beautiful marble. The hardshell case helps protect your iPad safe while the soft microfiber lining helps keep it nice and snug.

Buy: Vimorco iPad 9.7 Case $14.99


8. Timecity iPad 10.2 Case


Used to the Popsocket on your iPhone? Get something similar for your iPad. This case from Timecity is totally protective from both the front and back, all while having a 360-degree, fully rotatable hand strap for easier holding. The strap area also has a stand so your iPad can sit on its own for movie watching. It even has a pencil holder in case you’re one of those people who use related pens to do the screen tapping. We love this blue color, but the case is also available in seven more, featuring colors like green and purple.

Buy: Timecity iPad 10.2 Case $25.88


9. KAVAJ Leather iPad Case


This lightweight yet durable leather iPad case is handsome enough to keep your iPad safe in style. It takes a minimalistic approach and uses real cowhide leather to keep your iPad looking dapper. You might be thinking, if it’s genuine cowhide leather, it’s gotta be expensive, right? Wrong. You can snag this handsome case option for just $40 on Amazon. It even has a keyboard and movie stand which is perfect for typing away, FaceTiming friends or catching up on your favorite series.

Buy: KAVAJ Leather iPad Case $39.90


10. JETech Case for iPad


Looking for a case that helps keep your iPad secure without adding all that extra bulk? The JETech is a pencil-thin case that’s made from a mix of PC and PU and is designed to perfectly fit over your iPad. Unlike other models, this one takes up virtually no space, and it’s designed to be so lightweight that you’ll barely notice it’s there. Note that this case is only compatible with the 9.7-inch 2017 and 2018 iPad models.

Buy: JETech Case for iPad $11.99


11. BAGGU Puffy 16” Laptop Sleeve


Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s not technically made for iPads, but hey, if it fits, it fits. And in this case, it fits. BAGGU’s puffy laptop sleeve is a fun, fresh way to safely carry around your iPad if you do in fact prefer it naked. While most of us might find you a bit crazy carrying that thing around caseless, we can’t force you to throw a case on, so at least get yourself something to keep it safe when you’re not using it. It’s durable and made with 40% recycled nylon to have a better impact on the environment. Plus, we can’t hate on those smileys.


BAGGU Puffy 16" Laptop Sleeve


12. BMOUO Kids Case for New iPad


It should come with no surprise that kids obsess over the family iPad — which is great and all, but, it’s an iPad. Those babies are expensive and those babies are clumsy. With that being said, there’s no better iPad case for kids than the BMOUO iPad case. This case comes with everything you might need when handing the iPad off to your toddler, like a shockproof handle, stands for watching movies and a crystal clear screen protector from drops and scratches. For just $15, this is the option you need if you have kids. There really are no ifs, ands or buts.

Buy: BMOUO Kids Case for New iPad $13.98


13. OtterBox Defender Series Case


Okay, well, it might not be exactly indestructible, but if you’ve ever used an OtterBox on your iPhone, you’ll know that this baby comes pretty close to it. The OtterBox Defender Series Case takes your typical iPad case to the next level by providing total durability by preventing dirt, scrapes and shatters. Unintentional everyday accidents are no match for this case, so if you have it on, note that your iPad will look perfect upon taking it off no matter what.


OtterBox Defender Series Case


14. Ztotop New IPad 9.7 Inch Case


Made from premium-grade PU leather, this stylish iPad case comes with a built-in leather hand strap, organizer pocket and a pencil holder for your Apple pencil (actually pencils work too). The magnetic smart cover helps support the auto sleep and wake function, while the multiple built-in slots help support any viewing angle. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes in more than 12 cool color options.

Buy: Ztotop New IPad 9.7 Inch Case $16.99


15. Fintie iPad 9.7


Not only does this iPad case come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect (built-in magnetic strips, precise cutouts for easy charging, etc.), this model also a handy document card pocket so you can store your business cards, notes and more. Made from a durable PU leather, the inner microfiber texture helps keep your iPad nice and snug, while the three anti-slide stripes help keep your iPad from moving while you place it in hands-free mode. This case also comes in more than 30 different color designs.

Buy: Fintie $16.99


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