Transport your Cricut Joy safely with the perfect tote

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The Cricut Joy is a fantastic crafting tool that allows you to create, cut, write, and draw just about anything you can dream up. Part of the Cricut Joy's appeal over other Cricut machines is its portability. Its small size makes it easy to take from room to room, or even on the go. If you're taking it out of the home, a tote designed just for the Cricut Joy is an excellent way to transport it safely. Cricut Joy totes also have pockets so you can organize your Cricut tools.

Cricut's own

Cricut Joy Tote

Staff Pick

The Cricut Joy Tote made by Cricut is a perfect fit, of course. The padded gray tote has an aqua-colored interior and trim to match the Cricut Joy. The magnetized back pocket holds your mats, while interior compartments house your cords, pens, and smaller tools. The bag measures 11.6-by-6.3-by-4.5 inches and has both a top handle and a shoulder strap.

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$40 at Walmart

Basic bargain

Yarwo Tote Bag

If you don't need to carry a bunch of accessories and don't feel you need a lot of padding, this simple tote could do the trick. It's just large enough to house the Cricut Joy, and a front pocket holds a few small accessories. It measures just 9-by-5.6-by-5 inches and could serve as a dust cover for use as well as a carrying bag. Carry it by the small handle on top; there's no shoulder strap. Choose from several color options.

$14 at Amazon

Hard shell protection

CASEMATIX Protective Travel Case

If you plan to do some serious travel with your Cricut Joy, a molded EVA hard shell case like this one offers ultimate protection. The interior has an insert to keep the Joy secure. There's plenty of room for vinyl and mats, plus there is a net pocket for tools and other accessories. Carry it by the top handle or the shoulder strap. It measures 12-by-9-by-6 inches.

$37 at Amazon

Accessory organizer

Yarwo Carrying Case

This padded carrying case has plenty of room for the Cricut Joy and its power cord on the interior compartment, plus a separate zippered pocket for accessories. The back pocket is further divided so you can organize all of your pens and tools and see everything at a glance. A mesh pocket on the side holds other items. Carry it by the handle on top or the padded shoulder strap. This tote measures 10-by-7-by-6.7 inches. Choose from several colors.

$28 at Amazon

Convenient pockets

BGD-DG Carrying Case

This tote comes in a variety of colorways and has plenty of space for the Cricut Joy and your accessories. The main compartment holds the Joy and its charging cable. An interior strap holds the machine securely in place. A pocket in the front flap holds some accessories; a pocket on the back holds more. There's a top handle, and a removable should strap for carrying.

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Super organizer

Luxja Carrying Case

Keep your accessories organized in the Luxja's many compartments. The well-padded main compartment has a removable insert to keep the Cricut Joy separate from the charging cable and power adapter. The back pocket unzips fully to reveal two translucent pockets for mats and flat vinyl, ten elastics for pens and tools, and a small zippered pocket. The top handle and removable shoulder strap make this 10.75-by-5.5-by-6-inch bag easy to carry. Choose from several color options.

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Bring your iron, too

HOMEST Carrying Case for Cricut Joy and Easy Press Mini

If you're also carrying an Easy Press Mini with your Cricut Joy, this is the tote for you. A roomy padded interior compartment with separators houses both machines and their power cords securely. Multiple zippered pockets with dividers also store and organize plenty of tools you might need with you. The bag measures 11.5-by-9.5-by-9.5 inches. A carrying handle and shoulder strap give you options.

$33 at Amazon

Accessories galore

HOMEST Carrying Case for Cricut Joy

If you like the shape and style of the HOMEST Carrying Case for Cricut Joy and Easy Press Mini, but you're not packing the iron, you'll like the similar but slightly smaller HOMEST Carrying Case for Cricut Joy. It's virtually the same bag, but without the Easy Press Mini compartment, so it measures 11.5-by-6.5-by-5.6 inches.

$31 at Amazon

Hard shell case

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case for Cricut Joy

Like a tiny hard shell suitcase, this convenient and protective bag holds your Cricut Joy, the charging cord, and not a lot else. There is a small interior pocket for a few small accessories, but the focus of this case is protecting your Cricut Joy on the go. The top handle is for carrying; there is no shoulder strap — the simple case measures 11-by-7.1-by-5.1 inches.

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Bring your iron and more

BGD-DG Carrying Case for Cricut Joy and Easy Press Mini

Bring your Cricut Joy, Easy Press Mini, and lots of tools and materials with you in this roomy tote. The main compartment houses both machines as well as several rolls of Smart Vinyl. More pockets on the front, top, back, and sides carry just about anything else you'd need. In addition to the carrying handle and shoulder strap, there's a luggage slide on the back so you can easily attach this to your rolling suitcase when you travel. Choose from several color options.

$37 at Amazon

Deluxe tote

Luxja Carrying Case For Cricut Joy And Tool Set

If you're going to be carrying a lot of accessories with your Cricut Joy, consider this larger bag from Luxja. The main compartment holds the machine itself plus several rolls of Smart Vinyl. Two side pockets house the power adapter or other accessories. The front zippered pocket opens to reveal lots of elastic organizers and more pockets. Another slide pocket on the back of the tote holds more. Carry the 9-by-6-by-7.5-inch bag by the top handle or shoulder strap. Choose from several colors.

From $46 at Amazon

Colorful hard case

Esimen Hard Travel Case for Cricut Joy

Another cute option is this hard shell waterproof nylon case from Esimen. It comes in several charming colors, and the soft plush interior is molded to fit the Cricut Joy and its power cord in separate compartments. Two zippered interior pockets hold accessories. There's a carrying handle on top of this 12-by-7.5-by-5.5-inch case.

$36 at Amazon

Which one is totes the best?

If you're taking your Cricut Joy out of the house, a tote is a good idea to keep it safe. Cricut's own tote is always going to be a great pick. You know it will be a perfect fit, and the color a perfect match for the Cricut Joy. The padding will protect your machine from bumps. This tote also has the Cricut branding on it, if that matters to you. It does have some room to carry accessories with you and keep them organized when you're on the go.

If you're really in the market for a daily dust cover that you might only occasionally take out of the house, the streamlined and inexpensive Yarwo Tote Bag may be all you need. It lacks the padding, shoulder strap, and multiple accessory compartments of other bags. But if you don't need all the extras, why pay for them or make room in your home? This one is sleek and simple.

On the other hand, if you want to carry your Cricut Joy plus lots of other tools, materials, and even your Easy Press Mini, the BGD-DG Carrying Case for Cricut Joy and Easy Press Mini may be your best bet. It carries everything securely in its multitude of pockets. It even has a luggage slide so you can slip it onto the handle of your rolling suitcase when you travel.