Wooden Pencil Holder, Desk Organizer by andrewsreclaimed

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32.00 USD

A handy office supplies holder in reclaimed wood. Holds pens, pencils, and a variety of other office things.

A tidy modern desk accessory with a rustic touch, this style we made by re-sawing old wood and laminating it into butcher block, exposing a variety of natural cedar wood tones and lots of character. Finished out with a nice hand-rubbed natural wood oil. Fitted with no-slip modern black rubber feet screwed securely in place.

Because we use recycled wood, some pieces will bear character marks such as old nail holes and bolt holes. If you wish us to exclude these marks please leave us a message "Smooth" at checkout.

3" tall

2.5" wide

7" long

Three 1 3/4" holes can hold quite a few pens, pencils, small tools.

Made in USA