Closet Spice Velvet Hangers with Hook & Tie Bar - Set of 40 (White)

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Add these Velvet Hangers to any closet in your home to provide tons of storage space for all your articles of clothing! The hangers are made from recycled ABS material for reliable performance and the velvet covering offers a non-slip grip to keep clothing securely hung in your closet space. The top hook is made from strong metal with a polished chrome finish to complement most any closet decor. This innovative velvet hanger features a trouser bar so you can keep a matching pair of pants stored underneath your suit jacket, the accessory bar at the top allows you to store a scarf or necktie, and a multi-purpose hook to hang a belt or a necklace along with your entire outfit. The built-in grooves on the shoulders allow you to secure dress or gown straps to keep the garment secure so the dress does not fall off the hanger. You can easily hang up all your garments with the 40 included hangers! 
White Coloured Velvet Hanger Features:
  • Ideal for storing suits, dresses, blouses, and much more.
  • Slim and narrow design saves space in the home closet.
  • Slim profile with 0.2" thickness only.
  • Ideal for use in the master, hallway, or guest closet.
  • Shoulder grooves are great for holding gown straps.
  • Hang up a scarf or tie right on the accessory organizer.
  • Hang a matching pair of trousers on the bottom bar.
  • Hang a belt or a necklace with the help of the hook.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty recycled ABS material.
  • Covered in beige velvet to offer a slip-resistant grip.
  • Metal-crafted top hook is finished with a polished chrome.
  • 40 hangers are included to offer tons of storage options!
  • Product Dimensions: 16.4"W x 9"H x 0.2"T