YoGi Prime car Trash can Garbage Bag

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Product description

  • The YoGi Prime Car Console Trash Bin holder keeps wet or dry trash contained without taking up floor space. 
  • Its fully lined and leakproof bin holds 1.5 gallons of car trash. 
    And the best part? You can also keep your drink cool longer due to our Insulation Cooler design.
  • Introducing the proven car accessory - The Original YoGi Prime Bin Liner Can. With thousands of satisfied customers, 
    your search for the ultimate Car Garbage Bag is now over!
    After seeing the mess in our own cars, we went on a mission to create products for making our vehicles look and feel great again. 
    Through iteration and engineering, we're striving for the perfect designs and created an entire line of award-winning products 
    to make your life easier.
  • YoGi Prime Auto Products is committed to bringing you innovative accessories to improve your driving experience. 
    Our products are designed with unique, versatile, and convenient features with unsurpassed durability, 
    adding simplified convenience to your vehicle. 
    You’ll drive easier with this car trash can while keeping the good looks of your car.
  • The question you may be asking is - what's the big deal, after all, it's just a car garbage bin? 
    You're right! 
    But we tend to get carried away with details, and perhaps that's what separates us from others.
  • Our car wastebasket is the easiest, most convenient way to de-junk your car. Your trash will stay in one place with our heavy-duty, soft-sided travel bin that fits securely in your car with a variety of mounting options.
  • The trash bag can be placed in the back seat
    Our car trash bag can also be placed behind the center console, or hang it from the passage headrest facing the backseat.
    There are endless ways to use this car trash bag.